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The Wildish Club exists to help people come together and have fun outside. 

Membership is currently open.
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You can cancel anytime.

how to join

Step 1: Fill in the form below to make sure we know all the important things about you, and you know all the important stuff about what it means to be a Wildish Club member.

Step 2: You'll be redirected to Mighty Networks, where you'll go through another short sign-up process and choose your membership level. You will use Mighty Networks to sign up for events and meet other members.


You will be able to choose either:


  • Free Member - £0

  • Founding Member - £5 a month

  • Pay it Forward - £10 a month

  • Absolute Legend - £180 a year

  • Absolute Legend Monthly - £15 a month

I hereby confirm my fitness to participate in The Wildish Club CIC activities. I have received a safety briefing and acknowledge the inherent risks involved, including the risk of injury or death. I willingly assume full responsibility for my participation and release The Wildish Club CIC from any liability.

transparency is everything

We are a registered Community Interested Company, which means that we cannot take any profits out of the company. So any money we make goes back into growing the Wildish Club and helping people meet up and do interesting things together outside.

To be a little more specific. We use Wildish Club funds for the following:



Nell and Oz don't take a salary from the Wildish Club but we do pay the amazing Tor for her help in growing the club. 

The Wildish Fund

We are creating a pot of money, to which Wildish Clubs around the country will be able to apply for small grants to help them do interesting things outside. 

The boring stuff

Insurance is expensive, so are websites and all the other small things that are needed to run a club really add up.

All funds raised through memberships are used for the above. Nothing else.

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