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It's a bit like cubs but for adults.

the wildish plan

Step 1 

Start a Wildish Club in the Yorkshire Dales  ✓

Make new friends ✓

Build a community ✓


Step 2

Realise every place should have a space for outside people  ✓


Step 3

Make it happen ⬜


what we do


We help bring awesome people together to have fun outdoors.


why do we do it?


Because two years ago we were really lonely and we felt like outsiders. Starting the Wildish Club helped us find more outside people and now we're not lonely anymore.


We believe that when you find something good, it should be shared. So we want to make sure that every place has a space for outside people. 

So wherever you find yourself, you will find like-minded folk nearby.

how do we do it

We have Wildish Clubs and Wildish Guides.


Once or twice a month our Wildish Clubs go on Wildish Walks. 

These are slow walks, enjoyed by curious people. They are free, and anyone can join. They typically involve good coffee, good people and spending a couple of hours getting lost in nature.


Once a month we make a Wildish Guide. We send them to our newsletter subscribers and we make them to inspire as many people as possible to spend more time outside.

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want to join us?


We currently have nine clubs and over 600 members.


The clubs are in London, Cambridge, The Yorkshire Dales, Brighton, Southsea, Somerset, Cardigan, North Scotland and Stroud.

If you're lucky enough to have one of these clubs near you, then check out what they're getting up to and get involved.

If there isn't a club near you yet, don't worry, you can still join the Wildish Club, enjoy our Wildish Guides and find people near you to get outside with via our online Wildish Club House. 

Our goal is for every place to have a Wildish Club, so hopefully you will have one near you soon. 

we are supported by:

BearMade, they make bags for wildish people.

We also receive grant funding from Nidderdale AONB and The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.


You can support the Wildish Club directly by purchasing one of our Supporter or Absolute Legend memberships.


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