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It's a bit like cubs but for adults.

the wildish plan

Step 1 

Start a Wildish Club in our home town  ✓

Make new friends ✓

Build a community ✓


Step 2

Realise every area should have a Wildish Club ✓


Step 3

Make it happen ⬜


who are we?

We are The Wildish Club. 

We help bring awesome people together to do interesting stuff outdoors and, sometimes, indoors.

It’s a bit like cubs but for adults.


why we started it


We were lonely. 


Turns out it can be pretty hard to meet new people, particularly as an adult. 


We decided to make that easier.


So we started the Wildish Club.

what we've done so far


We began with a poster in a shop window. And had a BBQ in the woods.


A year on, we have over 400 members, have run more than 30 events in our local area and have started 5 more clubs across the UK.


Safe to say we’re not lonely anymore. 

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what we're doing next


The Wildish Club has changed our lives so we want to share it with as many people as possible.

We have just started 8 more clubs in London, Cardigan, Northern Scotland, Hampshire, Sussex, Cambridge, and Stroud and we are currently in the process of starting a few more.

We will eventually have 92 Wildish Clubs, at least one in every county across the UK.

But to do this we need your help.

By joining the Wildish Club, you will help change people’s lives. 

‘Who cares wins’, as we say.

No clubs near you?

we are supported by:

BearMade, they make bags for wildish people.

We also receive grant funding from Nidderdale AONB and The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.


To ensure the sustainable growth of the Wildish Club, we are currently accepting Founding members and support from Absolute Legends.


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