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Code of Conduct, Safety Briefing and Terms and conditions.


At The Wildish Club, we are dedicated to fostering a welcoming and respectful community. To ensure that every member enjoys their experience and contributes positively, we have established the following code of conduct:


1. Inclusivity and Respect We value diversity in all its forms. Discrimination, harassment, and exclusionary behavior have no place in our club. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds, ages, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, and experiences. Treat every member and guest with respect, kindness, and consideration.


2. Appreciation of Nature We are passionate about the natural world and are committed to its preservation. When exploring the outdoors, we follow the principles of "Leave No Trace." Respect wildlife, plants, and ecosystems by avoiding damage and minimising our impact. Stay on designated trails, refrain from picking plants, and avoid disturbing wildlife. Follow foraging laws when foraging.


3. Responsible Adventure Safety is paramount. Before embarking on any outdoor activity, assess your skills and abilities honestly. Don’t eat or lick anything unless you are 100% sure of what it is and that it's not toxic/posionous. If you consume wild foods, you do so at your own risk.


4. Collaboration and Sharing We thrive through shared experiences. Share knowledge, skills, and advice with fellow members. Foster a collaborative spirit that helps each member grow and learn from one another. We are committed to creating an atmosphere where everyone can contribute positively to the club's dynamic.


5. Leave No Trace Our footprint should be as minimal as possible. Pack out all rubbish, dispose of waste properly, and leave the natural environment as you found it. Minimize noise pollution and respect quiet zones, allowing others to enjoy the serenity of the outdoors.


6. Communication and Openness Effective communication is key. Listen actively and be open to different perspectives. If you witness or experience any behaviour that contradicts our code of conduct, report it to club leadership. We are committed to addressing concerns promptly and appropriately.


7. Personal Accountability ​ Each member is accountable for their actions. Understand the impact of your behaviour on others and the environment. Strive to make ethical choices that align with our shared values.


8. Upholding the Code ​ By participating in The Wildish Club, you agree to uphold and embody the principles outlined in this code of conduct. Your commitment to these values ensures a vibrant and respectful community that enhances our outdoor experiences and contributes positively to the world around us.

Safety Briefing


Please pay close attention to the following guidelines:


Stay Together: Always stay within sight and earshot of the group. Do not wander off alone.


Weather Awareness: Be prepared for changing weather conditions. Dress in layers, bring rain gear, and protect yourself from extreme heat or cold. Hydration and Nutrition: Carry an adequate supply of water and high-energy snacks. Stay hydrated and maintain your energy levels throughout the activity.


Footwear: Wear appropriate, sturdy footwear with good traction. It’s crucial for preventing slips and injuries on uneven terrain.


Wildlife: Respect wildlife from a safe distance. Do not approach or feed animals. Be aware of your surroundings and follow local wildlife guidelines. Leave No Trace: Respect nature and fellow outdoor enthusiasts by disposing of waste properly. Pack out all trash and leave natural and cultural features as you found them.


First Aid Kit: Your Wildish Club host will carry a basic first aid kit and know how to use it. Report any injuries or health concerns to the trip leader immediately.


Emergency Contacts: Make sure the trip leader has your emergency contact information, and carry a form of identification with you.


Equipment Check: Ensure all equipment is properly fitted and in good condition before use. Listen to Guides: Pay attention to instructions from trip leaders and guides. They are experienced and knowledgeable, ensuring your safety and enjoyment.


Buddy System: Use the buddy system to keep an eye on each other. Buddies should communicate their plans and check in regularly.


Know Your Limits: Be aware of your physical abilities and limitations. Don’t hesitate to speak up if you are uncomfortable with the activity or pace. Remember, safety is a shared responsibility. By following these guidelines and looking out for one another, we can enjoy a fantastic outdoor experience together. Let's make this adventure both enjoyable and safe for everyone!

Terms and conditions


1. Acceptance of Terms ​ By enrolling in The Wildish Club, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with any part of these terms, please do not proceed with membership.


2. Membership Benefits ​ As a member of The Wildish Club, you gain access to a range of outdoor activities, expeditions, and events designed to ignite your spirit of adventure.


3. Payment Membership fees are payable on a monthly or annual basis. By providing your payment details, you authorise us to charge your selected payment method for membership dues.


4. Medical Considerations Participation in outdoor (and indoor) activities involves inherent risks. By joining The Wildish Club, you affirm that you are physically capable of engaging in these activities. If you have any medical concerns, it's your responsibility to seek guidance from a healthcare professional before participating.


​5. Loss and Liability ​While we prioritise safety, you understand that outdoor (and indoor) activities carry inherent risks. By becoming a member, you agree to assume full responsibility for any potential risks, injuries, or damages that may arise during Club activities. The Wildish Club and its affiliates shall not be held liable for any such incidents. ​


6. Personal Belongings You are accountable for your personal belongings during Club activities. The Wildish Club is not liable for loss, theft, or damage to your personal property. ​


7. GDPR Compliance ​We prioritise your privacy and adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By enrolling, you consent to the collection, processing, and usage of your personal data as explained in our Privacy Policy.


​8. Code of Conduct ​To foster a positive and respectful community, we expect all members to abide by our Code of Conduct. This includes treating fellow members, guides, and staff with kindness and respect, refraining from disruptive behavior, and adhering to environmental and wildlife protection guidelines. Don’t eat or lick anything unless you are 100% sure of what it is and that it's not toxic/posionous. If you consume wild foods, you do so at your own risk.


​9. Termination ​You may cancel your membership at any time. Please note we do not offer refunds. The Wildish Club reserves the right to terminate your membership if you violate these Terms and Conditions, our Code of Conduct, or engage in behavior endangering others, the community, or the environment. ​


10. Changes to Terms ​Revisions to these Terms and Conditions may occur. We will notify you through email or our website about any changes. Continued use of your membership after modifications indicates your acceptance of the updated terms. ​


Happy adventuring,


The Wildish Club Team

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