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welcome to the wildish club

We are so excited to have you with us!

Step 1: Fill in the form below to complete your membership.

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I hereby confirm my fitness to participate in The Wildish Club CIC activities. I have received a safety briefing (read the safety briefing below) and acknowledge the inherent risks involved, including the risk of injury or death. I willingly assume full responsibility for my participation and release The Wildish Club CIC from any liability.

At The Wildish Club, we are dedicated to fostering a welcoming and respectful community of outdoor enthusiasts who share a passion for adventure, nature, community building and exploration. We believe in creating a safe and inclusive environment for all members, while also nurturing a deep respect for the natural world. To ensure that every member enjoys their experience and contributes positively, we have established the following code of conduct:


1. Inclusivity and Respect

We value diversity in all its forms. Discrimination, harassment, and exclusionary behavior have no place in our club. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds, ages, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, and experiences. Treat every member and guest with respect, kindness, and consideration.


2. Appreciation of Nature

We are passionate about the natural world and are committed to its preservation. When exploring the outdoors, we follow the principles of "Leave No Trace." Respect wildlife, plants, and ecosystems by avoiding damage and minimising our impact. Stay on designated trails, refrain from picking plants, and avoid disturbing wildlife. Follow foraging laws when foraging.


3. Responsible Adventure

Safety is paramount. Before embarking on any outdoor activity, assess your skills and abilities honestly. Don’t eat or lick anything unless you are 100% sure of what it is and that it's not toxic/posionous. If you consume wild foods, you do so at your own risk.


4. Collaboration and Sharing

We thrive through shared experiences. Share knowledge, skills, and advice with fellow members. Foster a collaborative spirit that helps each member grow and learn from one another. We are committed to creating an atmosphere where everyone can contribute positively to the club's dynamic.


5. Leave No Trace

Our footprint should be as minimal as possible. Pack out all rubbish, dispose of waste properly, and leave the natural environment as you found it. Minimize noise pollution and respect quiet zones, allowing others to enjoy the serenity of the outdoors.


6. Communication and Openness

Effective communication is key. Listen actively and be open to different perspectives. If you witness or experience any behavior that contradicts our code of conduct, report it to club leadership. We are committed to addressing concerns promptly and appropriately.


7. Personal Accountability

Each member is accountable for their actions. Understand the impact of your behavior on others and the environment. Strive to make ethical choices that align with our shared values.


8. Upholding the Code

By participating in The Wildish Club, you agree to uphold and embody the principles outlined in this code of conduct. Your commitment to these values ensures a vibrant and respectful community that enhances our outdoor experiences and contributes positively to the world around us.

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